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Company Policies

A 50% deposit on all orders is to be taken immediately upon ordering, 75% deposit on all Special Orders, and balance upon completion of installation. There may be a 1-1/2% interest fee and finance charge for payments due and owing after 30 days. Purchaser shall be responsible for the costs of collections, registry and reasonable attorney’s fees.

Shumsky Door Corporation does NOT accept payment plans. All balances are expected to be paid in full at the time of completion of garage door service. After the 30 day grace period, up to 3 attempts will be made to contact the customer via telephone and postal service. If payment is still not received at that point, either a collection company will be notified or civil action will be filed.

We reserve the right to extend or withhold credit from an established institution or corporation at our own will. After the first few service visits, and as an appropriate business relationship is established, the president of Shumsky Door Corporation will advise whether or not terms of credit will be applied to the customer’s account. Upon approval of any such credit, the customer will be notified of all relevant terms and conditions.


In the event that a customer wishes to return a product or cancel an order, the customer must first present a legal and valid reason of cancellation. If approved, Shumsky Door must then verify that the product can be returned to the manufacturer. If it is a custom order and cannot be returned, the customer’s request will be denied. If it is returnable, all restocking and returning fees, if any, will be charged to the customer.

The purchaser automatically agrees to these terms and policies upon placement of their order.

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